Licensing Opportunity

Natural orifice spinal surgical approach patent licensing opportunity available.


NovApproach Spine owns patents: US 8,979,861 and US 9,155,633 and patent(s) pending that include method and device claims for spinal surgery intended to:

  • minimize visible scarring

  • shorten recovery time

  • reduce OR time

  • reduce surgical risks


Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) "represents one of the most significant innovations in surgery" (Ref. 1)

Robin Young, Orthopedics this Week stated (Ref. 2) 

"At a time when many industry veterans are bemoaning the lack of innovation, here comes an unexpected, but entirely reasonable approach, which could certainly drive instrument innovation and create, who knows, a spine procedural revolution comparable to the lateral approaches."

Dr. Jeon (Wooridul Hospital, Korea) presented his initial series (n=35; he has since performed over 400 cases) at the 2017 SMISS meeting.  He has also posted this short video of the technique.

NovApproach Spine also owns the TULIF® spinal approach trademark.


Access to the Intellectual Property may fuel significant market growth for medical device manufacturers while enabling them to achieve their founding mission - to improve patient outcomes.


1  Atallah, S., et al. "Natural‐orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery." British Journal of Surgery 102.2 (2015): e73-e92.

2  "Natural Orifice Spine Procedures", Orthopedics This Week, March 14, 2016



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